About us

We are both working in hectic international careers, this is our dream come true of a quiet oasis in the mountains. Time to unwind and relax!

For years we've spent our holidays and many hiking / skiing weekends in Davos. For us there is no more beautiful mountain region. By lucky coincidence we found this perfect building spot for our Chalet.

Our house is decorated in modern chalet style with three bedrooms, each having a unique look. The antiques, photographs and prints we've collected worldwide ... whether it was antique dealers, auction houses or in browsing at flea markets. All images displayed are originals and portray the history of Davos. The furniture is handcrafted of solid wood and comes from a traditional Swiss carpentry in Chur. There is still stuff to do, i. e. we plan the expansion of a studio apartment in the basement.

Since we can't spend every single day in Davos ("sometimes" we have to work for a living) we therefore decided, to open our chalet for other lovers of the Davos landscape. Our goal is to make our guests feel comfortable in a homey yet luxurious environment.

We hope you feel comfortable and come again!